Hours Before Our RTW Trip

I’m sitting in my parents truck with Danny beside me and my parents in the front. We spent the morning together and I was able to get in a nice walk to visit my kitty before we left. I felt like it was a typical Sunday morning at my parents. I wasn’t thinking about not having a house or not seeing my family and friends for another month.

The last week was so busy. We packed up our house, parked away the vehicles, I had a course and tried to meet up with as many people as I could. I think I haven’t had a chance to breathe and think about how long we will be away or that we are going on a trip at all. Sitting in the truck, I feel that it has become more real. We are going whether I’m ready at this point or not.

I was already regretting my shoe choices so we were scrambling this morning to try to find my running shoes that were buried in our boxes of things. We didn’t find them so maybe my shoe choice was right.

I have so much hope for what this trip will bring. Danny and I will have a chance to spend a whole year together to build our relationship and hopefully be stronger because of it. I hope that I will be able to use the time for some personal development. I hope that we see some amazing things and meet some great people. It will be an interesting ride with lots of struggles I’m sure. I’m looking forward to the growing we will be able to do as people.


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